Big Data and AI Predictive Powers

Big Data and AI Predictive Powers

This week we found a lot of articles on big data and AI predictive powers, some interesting news touching on the origins of growth, and an archive of a few skills we as sales and marketing people can improve on. Enjoy.

Can Alexa and Facebook predict the end of your relationship?

“…it stands to reason that fewer pics of you with your significant other on Instagram could signal to apps and brands that your relationship may be coming to an end. But how much can Big Data actually tell you about your relationship? Can it predict, say, when you’re about to break up? And if you start to see pop-ups for ice cream, Kleenex, and dating sites, should you be concerned?” Big Data is touted as the future of marketing, but reading this makes me think complex B2B insights are barely a speck on the horizon. Kleenex on the other hand. . . READ MORE

The growth of yoga and meditation in the US since 2012 is remarkable

“Yoga and meditation, two ancient practices, are now officially the most popular alternative health approaches in the United States, each used by around 35 million adults…In 2017, about 14.3 percent of US adults surveyed by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics said they had done yoga in the past 12 months, while 14.2 percent had meditated, the reports show. That’s up from 2012, when 9 percent were doing yoga and 4 percent were meditating…The big growth in yoga and meditation is clearly linked to better availability, with a boom in studios, classes, and apps, some of them free and online.” A-I-D-A, right? It all starts with Awareness and when you see rapid growth, it has less to do with American’s anxiety than the Attention and word-of-mouth marketing efforts of tens of thousands. Sorry, Gwyneth.    READ MORE

How to Be a More Patient Person

“A 2012 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology identified three distinct expressions of patience: 1. Interpersonal, which is maintaining calm when dealing with someone who is upset, angry or being a pest. 2. Life hardships, or finding the silver lining after a serious setback. And 3. Daily hassles, which is suppressing annoyance at delays or anything irritating that would inspire a snarky tweet.
The good news is that same study found that patience as a personality trait is modifiable.” We don’t hire lead generators by evaluating their patience, but it’s one of a few common traits amongst all high-performing marketing pros. It is good news that patience is modifiable, so send this to your team because we can get better.  READ MORE

How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross

“I read, watch or listen to as much of the person’s work as possible, so I have an understanding of what makes them, or their story, important,” she said. “I try to clarify in my own mind why this person matters, and why it’s worthy of our listeners’ time.” The parallels in this interview to the practice of prospecting for leads are plentiful. From preparation to her advice that asking a broad question like “tell me about yourself” to let the interviewee tell you where they are. Break out of the boring old sales and marketing advice books and analyze some great interviewers for education and inspiration.     READ MORE

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