Building a Brand Online with Display Ads

Building a Brand Online with Display Ads

If you’re like most of our clients, your first experiences with display advertising, (advertising on websites or apps or social media through banners or other ad formats made of text, images, video, and audio) felt like a lot of money with little return on investment. Whether the ads are on Google’s ad network, Facebook’s or Twitter’s, the challenge is the same, most ads are ignored. It’s been labeled display ad blindness, and the challenge is overcoming it.

With the right approach, display advertising can become one of your most profitable advertising initiatives. Combining an attractive call to action with a direct path to conversion and stunning images are what make powerful display ads. Here’s thing, at LeadGen Compass we know how to takes campaigns one step further. We add hyper-specific targeting, the often missing element that enhances the performance of your digital campaign. With that tweak, we can turn a big spend with no results into a dramatic return on investment.

Overcome Display Ads Blindness

To create effective reach, we reach across all exchanges and networks, not just Google’s DoubleClick. LeadGen Compass will test and optimize your display ad campaigns across amultiple networks to increase ROI. While other networks don’t have the reach of Google or Facebook, they are often more effective on a per impression basis.

Measuring and managing campaigns is where LeadGen Compass can drive results where your other efforts came up short. We integrate your display campaigns into our tracking and reporting. LeadGen Compass reporting lets you when and where to serve display ads based on the prospects decision process. This lets us optimize the cost of your campaigns. With a precise focus on the prospect in the awareness and interest phase, or the decision and action phase of the decision process, it makes lead generation for your business a breeze.

The first step in using display advertising for most lead generation, is the proper use of retargeting ads. LeadGen Compass works to drive qualified visitors back to your site using various best practices to build the most effective display campaign. On top of that, we layer behavioral, contextual, and lookalike information to get the most from your remarketing dollars.

Once targeting is in place, we focus on using the power of images to boost your response rate. At LeadGen Compass, we understand how consistent exposure to a specific image helps with recollection. Our internal rule of thumb is the Rule of 30 and it states that a prospect has to be exposed to a specific message 10 times before it registers, but only 1 in 3 messages gets through, so plan on 30 exposures. Display advertising boosts the exposures to the message, and the right image can convey more than words. Bright, arresting images capture the attention of audiences and create brand and message awareness. The research shows that multi-dimensional marketing approaches generate more leads than single channel strategies, and LeadGen Compass can help.

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LeadGen Compass is a unique led generation agency and we can help your business grow. To learn more about the ways that we can help your company, contact us today.