Deciding How to Decide


Deciding How to Decide – The Sales Lead Digest

This week we bumped into quite a few articles on decision making. We’re always looking for insights into how people and organizations make choices, and being able to advise on decision making itself can lead more sales. As an example, take a look at how the nation’s wealth managers are helping their rich clients make choices about their families futures. That article and more this week.

Deciding How to Decide’: Even the Rich Need Advice on Budgeting

“Even the wealthiest Americans, who have little chance of running out of money, are concerned about their spending. A document circulating internally among Merrill Lynch’s private banking and investment group, which will be released in the next couple of months, aims to help Merrill’s rich clients budget like everyone else. ‘What we’re trying to do is help families make informed decisions,’ Ms. Allred said. ‘It’s super important that there was some rigor around this.”‘  I wonder if that guy who dropped $200MM+ on that NYC penthouse had anyone ask if it was an informed decision?     READ MORE

The French Burglar Who Pulled Off His Generation’s Biggest Art Heist

“The typical art thief has no idea who will buy his loot. But, by the time Tomic began thinking about robbing the MAM, he had established a steady business relationship with a sponsor…famous paintings are almost impossible to resell—even at ten per cent of their value, a common rate on the black market. Some criminals try to collect ransom for museum paintings based on their insurance value, but that’s a risky proposition, particularly given that many publicly owned works aren’t insured.” The old lesson applies to stealing art too: it’s best to know what your customer wants before you do the work. READ MORE

Your Netflix Subscription Is Now Going To Cost More

“Starting today, Netflix is raising prices for its 58 million US subscribers in what will be the biggest price hike since the streaming service’s launch 12 years ago.” The thought of raising prices get you down? Worried about taking a few nasty calls? At least you don’t have to plan for a million of them.      READ MORE

A Mysterious Company Claims to Sell Sneeze-Filled Tissues for $80. Is It Real?

‘Vaev Tissue, the only product of a new startup based in Los Angeles, costs $79.99, according to the company’s website. Its sole purpose is to give the user a cold virus. ‘We believe using a tissue that carries a human sneeze is safer than needles or pills,’ read the note that came with the product, written by the founder of the company. Wipe your nose with the sullied tissue, and you’ll ‘get sick on your own terms.'” If you need evidence that people want to buy outcomes and don’t care too much about tactics, this may be it.     READ MORE

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