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Around these parts, spring has jumped right into summer-like temperatures. The air conditioning man is in trying to fix our unit, and the boss is complaining about the wait and the cost. Funny how a change in the weather can make such an impact on demand and the value of a service. This week, we’re looking at some stories about uncovering value. From exclusive restaurants, to horse manure, to prison consultants, to GOT, we have it covered. Good selling.

This weeks sales and marketing news:

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Inside the Pampered and Personalized World of DC’s VIP DinersInside the Pampered and Personalized World of DC’s VIP Diners

“That every person is treated the same is the great lie all restaurants tell. Everyone might get attentive service and an excellent meal, sure. But for a select group of dining heavies around town, a whole other world of special perks and suck-uppery awaits.”

How are you at treating your best customers? We just had a conversation about an event idea and experience that we were going to cap at 50 attendees. One of our clients we approached said, “I’d do it if there were only going to be 5 of us.” Small, exclusive offerings have a place in this world.


For Sale: Preserved Manure From a Kentucky Derby WinnerFor Sale: Preserved Manure From a Kentucky Derby Winner

“Larkin frequently encases found objects in clear resin as part of his practice, and horseshit didn’t feel like such a stretch. ‘It just occurred to me that if I could figure out how to get a horse turd in epoxy resin, people might like it,’ he says. ‘And if I could get Kentucky Derby–winning turds in resin, people would really freak out.'”

I mean, I guess if you’re going to put in the effort, you may as well aim for the top. If this story goes to the heart of value being in the eye of the customer, no story will get us there. If you can uncover the value, you have a shot at capturing some of it for yourself.   READ MORE

Why rich convicts hire prison consultantsWhy rich convicts hire prison consultants

Mr Frantz – who spent 36 months in federal prison – helps clients petition for safe locations that allow as much freedom as possible, while also taking into account a client’s personal preferences. ‘If he’s an exercise nut, you don’t want to go to a camp that he can’t exercise in,’ Mr Frantz says. Value can also crop up where you never expected it in the first place. Talk to a wealthy client about prison today and you may not get through the door. Bringing it up when they’re on the front page of the WSJ for fraud, however, and suddenly your obscure knowledge is worth a lot.

It’s a fun read, and it illustrates how important it is to be pitching your products and services to the right audience because I’ll never need a prison consultant, right? Right?   READ MORE

Starbucks got an estimated $2.3 billion in free advertising from ‘Game of Thrones’ gaffe, and it wasn’t even its coffee cup

“On Sunday, eagle-eyed fans of HBO’s fantasy epic noticed something out of place during a feast scene. Photos and videos of the moment went viral on social media within hours of the show airing.
The label is muddled in shadow, but many fans speculated that it was the iconic green siren from Starbucks — and most of the jokes and discussion called out the Seattle coffee chain by name. Turns out, it was just a craft services cup”

$2.3BN of buzz for Starbucks because of a random cup? I guess we can all aspire to be ubiquitous enough that any travel coffee cup is associated with our brand. Now, as to whether or not Starbucks would have actually invested $2.3BN in the ad campaign had it been available, that’s the question I want answered!  READ MORE

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