Fear the Click Farm – The Sales Lead Digest

This week’s articles range from an interview with a restaurant critic, a peek inside of click farms, a call from Silicon Valley that says your data isn’t worth anything so why worry, and a crazy advertising idea, billboards in space. Please enjoy the latest news brought to you by LeadGen Compass!

Fear the Click Farm

Where are all those click’s on your ads going? Hopefully not to click farms:

Fraud in the online display ad world is rampant. It’s one of the reasons we use limited budgets in search marketing – because the user is typing their intent into the device versus just using the device. It’s a lot harder to mimic that with bots. Take a look at a click farm in action  |  Here’s another click farm hard at work harvesting clicks

What Makes Restaurants Sink or Swim? We Asked a Woman Who Helps Them Stay Afloat.

“Q: Diners seem to accept price creep when it comes to appetizers. . .it feels like $30 has been the defining price for entrees for decades. You’re either a $30-and-over or $30-and-under restaurant. Are we crazy?
A: This is a real thing. If you have a $30 entree you can only have one or two. You have to have that average. At upscale casual restaurants, you can have one or two dishes over $30, but the majority have to be in the twenties. And don’t put the $30 on the top line. It has to be buried. You also can’t have a wide variety. You have to find your niche.” Interesting read because when it comes to marketing and sales, the restaurant industry is full of good content. In this case, what is your broader market doing to the price of your products and services? Are your customers as well versed in pricing as your sales people give them credit for?  Read More


“let’s consider . . .Amazon sends a delivery van to my home filled with hard drives containing all its sales and user browsing data for the past year. What do I do with it?
Keep in mind, this trove is worth billions. Accounting rules don’t call (yet) for tech companies to specify their data as a separate asset on the balance sheet, but by any reasonable valuation, Amazon’s purchase data is worth an immense fortune … to Amazon.”
Want to know how Silicon Valley sees the value of your data? It’s not in the way we tend to make sense of data, as individuals. My data. No, the big brains say individuals don’t matter. The only thing seeing your individual info is an algorithm, so nothing to worry about. Right? I mean it’s for the greater good, isn’t it? Read More

This Russian startup wants to put billboards in space. Astronomers aren’t impressed

“Imagine this: you’ve just fled from the city to your nearest national park to gaze deeply into the infinite abyss of space and contemplate how your own existence fits into the curtain of the universe. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see bright white letters spelling “KFC” spring across the horizon in a long arch. A few minutes later, it’s gone.” Advertising everywhere, what could possibly go wrong? One thing I know for sure is the odds of my irrational fear of being struck by space debris coming true are going up.  Read More

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