Hey, what if we made a robot that paints?

Painting Robots, Appointment Setting Robots, Decision Making, and Netflix.

The more I read about AI and how it’s being applied to sales, the more I believe the success of those tools require solid selling processes to be in place. For many companies, the tools are nothing more than solutions looking for problems. It’s only going to get worse. Thousands of “martech” companies exist and thousands more are on the way. AI is the theme that popped out of our selling news in the last few weeks and we have the four most interesting articles for you.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Boss, can I borrow the credit card?

“Instead, Netflix has been showing customers and potential customers the types of high-quality shows and films that can only be found on its platform. And specifically, Netflix has tried to get its viewers to binge shows or films on the night they’re released. In other words, Netflix is learning how to create its own version of the box-office ‘blockbuster.’ (A good reminder that promoting a niche makes it easier to promote the overall brand. Something to remember when you tell your board you’re increasing spend from $1.3BN to 2BN (gulp!).) Read More

It’s good to be the king.

“…tech-world terminology isn’t the only miscommunication here. There is at least as much slanting happening when it comes to the side of this story recognizable to practically everyone in the traditional art world: the notion of being ‘first to come to auction.'”(When you can fence your yard and define the terms, the rewards come easy.)  Read More

The robot will see you now.

“Human employees, it seems, are increasing falling out of favor with marketers, but it’s ultimately all about optimizing communication and ensuring customers are engaged as quickly as possible to maximize the conversion opportunity.” (The world’s best appointment email and text appointment setter never gets tired or checking in. I get it but when they told me they made a LinkedIn profile for “her” I felt the little hairs on my neck stand up.)  Read More

Rats in a maze.

“To complicate things further, B2B buyers utilize both sales reps and the supplier website equally for discovery and validation throughout their buying journey. In effect, this means it isnt a sales problem or a digital problem that organizations should be trying to solve for. Rather, its a supplier problem that sales and marketing must jointly address with high-quality, consistent, cross-channel information to help customers complete the purchase jobs they need to accomplish.” (Are they saying marketing and sales need to work closely together or that buyers are having trouble making decisions? Sounds like both sides may suffer from trust issues. And with robot employees on LinkedIn, is that a surprise?)  Read More

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