The Benefits of Syncing SEO and Content Marketing


SEO plays a fundamental role in a successful content marketing performance strategy. Despite this fact, many content marketers downplay its importance and as a result miss out on reaping significant benefits including an uptick in online visibility.

Likewise, many businesses immersed in SEO mistakenly underestimate the importance of content when it comes to search. This is in large part due to the outdated, but still prevailing belief, that Google doesn’t care about content, it only cares about particular keywords, phrases and word counts. While this may have been true in the past, times have changed – dramatically.

Today, strategic content is the name of the game when it comes to superior search performance. What won’t help improve search rankings is content written specifically to conform to an outdated algorithm.

At LeadGen Compass, we help our clients produce the type of content that ranks high on search engine result pages without relying on an outdated playbook. We do this through insightful content that brings value to its target audience, has a sophisticated technical set up and is conscious of what search engines are looking for. This process is not a one-time proposition, however, and it will take time and effort to achieve success. 

Here are a few tips to help effectively couple your SEO and content marketing to maximize their impact in the short term:

  • Concentrate on creating specific, distinct and unique content that brings value to its readers.
  • Perform keyword research to enhance, rather than drive, content.
  • When publishing content on a topic that you have previously addressed, update existing pages instead of creating news ones.

SEO and content marketing are more intertwined than ever, and their connection is only getting stronger. While combining the two can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. When SEO and content marketing teams work together, everyone benefits from the collaboration. Analytics data will prove this over time.

If you would like to learn more about the evolving relationship between SEO and content, LeadGen Compass would be happy to discuss it with you and provide you with examples of how it can benefit your small business. In the meantime, here are a few final thoughts:

  1. Your content marketing needs SEO to be successful and vice versa. If your SEO and content marketing efforts are separate, your online visibility is going to suffer.
  2. No matter how good your content, without SEO it will fail. It is as simple as that. If people can’t find your content it can’t be consumed. To get it in front of your target audience – and more – you need SEO.

As we move past 2020 into 2021 we know that while the world will return to normal in many ways there are some things that will be changed forever. To get a headstart on 2021 and what comes next contact LeadGen Compass to set up a more secure future for your company.

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