Lead Generation Video Series

Pre-Approved! A Small Business Funding Webinar

We get dozens of funding solicitations every week. Random voicemails, cold emails, and co-branded solicitations. All of them say the same thing, You’re Pre-Approved! Get up to $XXX,XXX today!

If you’re like us, you have questions. What do you do if you need funding? Which of these solicitations can you trust? Why don’t I just use my bank? If my bank turned me down, will any of these sharks be able to help?

For this webinar we are turning to a 17 year veteran of the financing industry. Rob Addison has worked with fast growing companies, distressed companies, and everyone in between. Talk five-minutes to Rob and you’ll come to appreciate his no-nonsense, straight talk, loan broker’s view of the industry. He promises to give us his unfiltered take on actual solicitations.

Join Greg Chambers from LeadGen Compass as he talks with Rob and gives him a chance to describe what various businesses at different stages need to think about when it comes to financing.

You’ll hear about:

  • The key questions to ask lenders.
  • Red-flags your loan broker hates to hear.
  • Secrets to finding working capital for your business.
  • What dollar amounts excite a lender, and why.
  • What to do when your funding needs change in a hurry. (like servicing a new customer contract)
  • And more!