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LeadGen Compass is a full-service marketing database, online marketing, and SEO company offering innovative business-to-business lead generation services to small and mid-size companies. With 20 years experience in selling marketing databases, we have combined SEO, website conversion, and list marketing services into one service that will drive more targeted traffic, convert more visitors, and deliver better results.

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What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Before working with LeadGen Compass (LGC) we didn’t have a great deal of online activity. We had visitors to our website, but very little traffic overall. Since starting with LGC I would say that we have definitely increased the amount of traffic we are drawing to the Success Strategies website. This has been very positive!
What I like best about the service is consistency in the approach to our online marketing efforts. It’s also helped with the timeliness of getting our marketing message out into the market place. We like the proactive approach taken by your Team to regularly get that message out, even if it means trying new things via trial runs. The ongoing support of your team is great. I would recommend LGC for all these reasons. I am very pleased with the LGC service. It is a reasonable investment per month.
John EllsworthPresident of Success Strategies, MO
TTS has been with LeadGen Compass (LGC) for over 5 years now. LGC has always been willing to go above and beyond for us. From originally providing leads and content for our website, to now managing our SEO and website directly with new content weekly and other wonderful landing pages, our business has grown. We get more compliments on our website and average about 4-10 new leads a month due to their efforts alone. Thanks to the constant support LGC offers and the updates, our web presence is better than ever. LGC works hard to make sure TTS is happy, and it shows in our bottom line.
Nicole StoerkelDirector of Business Logistics of Tactical TeleSolutions, CA
I have invested money and time in many marketing services over the years and never felt like I could point to an increase in leads or new opportunities from my investment. When LeadGen Compass explained their service and offered a free trial, I was hopeful but skeptical based on my experience. It was promising when they immediately increased my Chicago traffic, but the thing that impresses me most are the new prospects calling. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an influx of good, new opportunities from companies I don’t know, and I am excited to see what comes next. I recommend any company considering LeadGen Compass get on their list for a free trial.
Calenthia Torrence HarperPresident of City Wide Jani, IL

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