There are two ideas we keep top of mind. First, we know individuals use social media to be social with others. Second, we know most B2B products we work with are not one-step purchases.

Social media is all about developing an online personality and the social media of successful businesses, will say just as much about the company’s beliefs, and their employees as their actual products.

We take a peek at an emerging market and its hyper-competitive, hyper-risky players making a living in currency trading. Digital currency. We take a look at how P&G convinces the NFL to change behavior because they’re coming for all of us next.

We take a look at the growing business of streaming live content, and then dive into a few stories loosely related to sales and marketing. Rare fish and scams. Enjoy!

Good linking is essential to an effective website. Despite this fact, almost 95% of small business websites don’t have even one external backlink.