In order for long term lead generation efforts to pay off, a business needs an effective strategy and solid planning. Unfortunately, many business owners focus exclusively on planning and ignore strategy altogether. This is a common – but costly – mistake.

The first article hits close to home because when you buy your next Costco rotisserie chicken it may be coming from our home state of Nebraska. Fremont Chickens may not catch up to Omaha Steaks but you never know! This week there are a few big numbers in our articles – 91 million chickens, 100 million mobile downloads, 6 million concurrent game users – then we wrap it up with a bit on book covers.

Many manufacturing companies are more focused on quick sales than marketing. However, if these companies want to remain competitive, they need to develop a marketing strategy that will allow them to engage with customers for the long haul.

Maximizing each and every lead is critical to success in the competitive manufacturing industry. Supply and demand variables coupled with a longer and more complex sales cycle necessitate a specialized and well-designed approach.

Arbys Makes A Meat Carrot And Other News

The love hate relationship with chatbots continues. Although I admit it may just be me because I can’t help but think I’m not talking to a human. This week we talk about chatbots and luxury fashion, we spend some time with companies trying to try a new old idea customizing at scale, and we see another example of companies trying to control capitalism.