When it comes to selling, the power of a good story is tremendous. Unfortunately, many salespeople think that good sales stories means a story about them. The fact is, however, that the stories customers want to hear are the ones that address the issues they are facing.

january sales lead digest

The new year starts with some scary news about disinformation campaigns on social media but we found another story suggesting the next generation may break current trends. We found a sales related article about a big steal from New Balance by Nike in the high stakes world of sports sponsorship, and end with a midwest story about re-discovering old tech to make more money in an uncertain economy.

Everyone likes a good story. This includes your customers and prospects. However, if you are telling stories simply to push your product or service instead of connecting with potential customers, your tales are likely to fall flat.

The last Digest of the year has a few random product/market fit examples, one is the office toilet and one a pomegranate pitter. We add another chapter to the world of mattresses, where we learn about luxury mattress thieves. And finally, we talk about recruiting new talent with unique benefits.

n this week’s lead generation news, we take a look at markets. Virtual markets that may or may not exist, arbitrage markets in food and the data behind a trending meme. I try not to get stuck on some of these stories, but the virtual designer clothes thing. . .if that takes off I may just give up this work thing because it may mean I don’t understand markets at all.