Why Content Curation is Important to the Success of Inbound Marketing

In the simplest terms, content curation is sharing articles that are not written by your business through various marketing channels. The theory behind content curation is that no one wants to hear a business go on and on about how great it is – that is as boring as a person who talks about themselves all the time.

An article from business2community.com: What is Content Curation? Why Does it Matter for Inbound Success?, talks about the importance of posting articles from influencers and thought-leaders in your industry. It also involves blogging about topics that are important to people in your business – but not about your particular business.

Here are four reasons why this is so important:

  1. It fills gaps in your content calendar
  2. It establishes that you are on top of industry trends
  3. It builds your networks and helps you make connections
  4. It features uber-relevant content for your buyer personas

Content curation is an outstanding way to up your inbound marketing game, but you need to go about it the correct way. If you would like help building a content curation strategy for your unique business, LeadGen Compass can help you design one. Give us a call at 402-334-1824 or visit leadgencompass.com to learn more.

As we move past 2020 into 2021 we know that while the world will return to normal in many ways there are some things that will be changed forever. To get a headstart on 2021 and what comes next contact LeadGen Compass to set up a more secure future for your company.

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