Lil Nas X and Carter’s and The Rock – Sales Lead Digest

This week we’re looking at brands. Mega-seller Carter’s baby clothes is a wonder at selling in every retailer known to man, Lil Nas X cracks the code for leveraging Tik Tok into record sales, another startup tries to work around the law, and if you’re an action movie star, you’re probably not going to look bad. They can’t make you. It’s a hodgepodge of stories but that’s what we give you, right? Enjoy!

This weeks sales and marketing news:

“Ninety percent of millennial parents — and 80 percent of baby boomer grandparents — have shopped at Carter’s in the past year, according to market research firm Kantar.”

Successfully selling to everyone is quite a trick. What sticks out to me in this article is the way Carter’s focuses on listening to what each customer segment wants, then gives it to them with the other retailers in mind. Like the bundling of onesies for Amazon shoppers who love to buy bundles. Carter’s knows they’ll be judged on sales in the end, but to get the space in stores and online to have a shot at proving yourself is not easy. Inspiring. READ MORE

“Mariah Carey added her congratulations with an image literally passing the torch to Lil Nas. ‘We’ve been blessed to hold this record with a song that means a great deal to @BoyzIIMen and myself and has touched so many. Keep living your best life!'”
Three things to note about this bit of pop culture news. One, until this moment I didn’t remember consciously hearing this song. Second, the more I dug into it, Lil Nas X successfully took advantage of the social media app TikTok to drive song awareness. Three, when did re-posting Tweets as an article become a thing? It’s gone from being a small feature in articles to being almost 100% of the content. I feel old.  READ MORE

“…building small cottages in backyards can be one way to add new apartments quickly. One new startup wants to help it happen even faster: The company handles the cost and construction process for homeowners in exchange for a cut of the rent when a tenant moves in.”
The number of new startups that look at current laws and say “we can work around that” is interesting to watch. Like this story illustrates, when apartment builders get pushback from a community, why not build on private property? How many neighborhood association covenants ban that? Every marketer should see this and think, “What regulations are we living with that a new startup may come in and challenge? Is there an opportunity for us?” READ MORE

“…in Hollywood, sheltering the tender egos of action stars is increasingly a cost of doing business. And I’m especially interested in the cost of doing business part. I mean, are there monetary stakes in doing this?
‘…the “Fast & Furious” franchise is really an indicator of how Hollywood works today, right? These movies cost in excess of $150 million to produce, which means they have to be hits everywhere to turn a profit. They have to work around the world.'”
How carefully are you monitoring your brand? At $22MM a film, you can bet that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is concerned about how he comes off on screen. I see figures like that and consult our internal business list database. There are 1.6MM businesses in California. Only 13,000 of them are estimated to generate $20+MM in sales. In that rare air I guess I’d be counting the number of onscreen punches I take too. READ MORE

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