Hey, what if we made a robot that paints

The more I read about AI and how it’s being applied to sales, the more I believe the success of those tools require solid selling processes to be in place. For many companies, the tools are nothing more than solutions looking for problems. It’s only going to get worse. Thousands of “martech” companies exist and thousands more are on the way.


The week’s best lead generation links are here for you. This week we talk about Amazon’s dungeon, why it’s hard for people to make decisions, how stereo was sold when everyone was happy with mono, and a little research on how familiarity and impressions work together. The lesson is that humans are complex decision making creatures.


Selling is easy, find a market need and fill it, right? But as sales and marketing practices have evolved over time, buying practices have evolved as well. This week we’ll take a look at the history of price tags (it had to start somewhere, right?), teaching sales people to be curious, thinking globally about what we take for granted locally, and bacon.