The week’s most interesting Sales and Marketing News from LeadGen Compass

This week we bump into a few of our favorite topics. This time it’s Artificial Intelligence being applied to prospecting for big deals in the Bay Area, a market for digital haute couture, a paper suggesting saying Thank You won’t get you further with the donor class, and a little story about office temperatures, women, and productivity.

Read ’em and weep!

The week’s most interesting Sales and Marketing News from LeadGen Compass

Frigid Offices Might Be Killing Women’s Productivity

“For years, women have been saying that the AC is on too damn high. We’ve dragged not one but two sweaters to the office in the summer: one for our slowly numbing legs, and one for our shivering shoulders. . .Now a new paper confirms what many of us have long suspected. Women don’t just prefer warmer office temperatures. They perform better in them, too.”
In an effort to test everything possible to increase sales, I’m willing to try the hot office but it turns out some women like cool temps and I was voted down. No matter, we’ll test the next study (which will probably show everyone performing better in extreme cold.)
Find out everything you ever wanted to know about cold offices and women’s productivity

Technology-Focused Pilot Growth Leans on Artificial Intelligence to Source Deals

“‘All the time the [prospect] says that ‘this is pretty spooky, because something is happening—we are growing, we are gaining customers,’’ he explained.
Often, the [prospect] is at an inflection point where it is considering next steps when he calls.
Mr. Callahan said that by using Artificial Intelligence, Pilot Growth can be the one to ‘show up first’ when a company is ready to take on an outside investor. He said NavPod has a ‘100% return phone call rate’ because its programming narrows down investment possibilities to help the firm find the best fit.”

Artificial Intelligence helping with prospecting is fascinating. The thought of an algorithm being able to detect and identify the right people to talk to, at the right time sounds like the golden fleece that all marketers have been looking for. That said, I am leery of anything leading with “. . .has helped track down and initiate eight of its 10 deals.” That sounds like they don’t use anything other prospecting and aren’t great at referrals. But maybe that’s just me
Check out the big brain on this AI. . .

World’s First Digital Only Blockchain Clothing Sells For $9,500

“Digital fashion pioneers The Fabricant, create digital clothing by harnessing 2D garment pattern-cutting software and 3D design software, coupled with powerful film rendering tools to create hyper-real clothing that lives and breathes – online, at least.
. . .an auction last weekend . . . The world’s first piece of digital couture . . . sold for $9,500.”
I would say I’m surprised but after walking through DUMBO in a recent trip to NYC, I think I bumped into their target audience. While walking by a picture-perfect, brownstone lined, cobblestone street framing the Washington bridge, there must have been two dozen very attractive young adults lined up to get a shot of themselves in various poses. I hated to ask my daughter what was going on since she was oblivious to the scene, but asked anyway. She pulled her earbud out, looked at them, turned to me and said, “Insta.” Will blockchain fashion be the cryptocurrency of 2019?

Do Thank-You Calls Increase Charitable Giving? Expert Forecasts and Field Experimental Evidence

“Calling to thank donors is a key fundraising strategy in the non-profit sector. Yet the effectiveness of these calls remains untested.”
I didn’t read the whole paper, but the last sentence stuck out. 80% of us predict a thank you call to key donors will make an impact on future giving but this study says no. There was no change, to be exact, “a precisely estimated null effect. I wish I would have had data like this while being socialized as a youngster. I could have asked my 3rd grade teacher, “Mrs. Webber, what’s so magic about words that has a precisely estimated null effect on the future?” That would have had an effect Here’s the link to the story you can share with that one Aunt, you know the one

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