Bespoke Fashion Robots and Ebooks

The love hate relationship with chatbots continues. Although I admit it may just be me because I can’t help but think I’m not talking to a human. This week we talk about chatbots and luxury fashion, we spend some time with companies trying to try a new old idea customizing at scale, and we see another example of companies trying to control capitalism. As we know, capitalism doesn’t care who wins, just that the buyer is satisfied. Finally, we end on some good news about winning the lottery.  Enjoy!  

This weeks sales and marketing news:

Fashion gives chatbots a second chance

“…with improvements in AI and an increasingly mobile-first customer, chatbots are getting a second chance. ‘I have been working in the space for the last five years, but it’s only been in the last few months that we have started to see strong signals for the entire ecosystem maturing toward chatbots,'”
I read a story about human’s failing the Turing test, a way of determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human. It was very doom and gloom until a commentator pointed out that the robots were winning because they trained us to act like them. Test chat bots for collecting information. We did it and it’s eye opening. Both because of what you learn, but also what people put into bots. Crazy.
You see a turtle on it’s back, what do you do?


“As this practice [mass customization] becomes widespread, the customer will become so integrated into the production process that we will find it more and more difficult to tell just who is actually the consumer and who is the producer.”
Give me what I want, when I want it sayeth the customer. They’ll pay for it too. As technology and communication improve we move closer to the point where manufacturers can make exactly what you want, at scale. Marketers, you know what this means? Salespeople can finally meet their promises now! (rimshot)
Get it Your Way and Only Your Way, Forever. . .

Why Angry Librarians Are Going to War With Publishers Over E-Books

“…the library side pushed back at Macmillan’s singling out of libraries and assertion that e-book lending was driving consumer reluctance to pay up. Macmillan claimed to have tried out the eight-week embargo with one of its imprints, Tor, but declined to share the results publicly. ‘They really did not have any reasonable data to support a narrative that if an author’s new book is withheld from public library lending when it first comes out, that might impact the author’s or the book’s sales during those first few months…'”
Eventually everyone learns that you can’t push your audience around. . .because, you know, free markets and capitalism and all that stuff. People want what they want when they want it and marketers are better at uncovering this than the reverse. We know this to be self-evident.
Remember, if approached by a librarian, KEEP STILL. . .

Lottery Wins and Satisfaction: Overturning Brickman in Modern Longitudinal Data on Germany

” First, our estimates show that lottery wins raise people’s satisfaction with their overall income. Second, lottery wins’ increase people’s satisfaction with life. The effects documented here are, as might be expected, especially pronounced for big wins.”
All that noise about lottery winners not being happy and ending up broke? You always knew it was hooey, right? Of course they’re happier! So let’s go buy some tickets! $2 means nothing but $50MM+ means happiness!
Money CAN buy happiness!

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