The Sales Lead Digest – Who can resist a little article on the college admissions scandal.

Why the College-Admissions Scandal Is So Absurd

This week in the Sales Lead Digest, we step away from privacy but stick to technology trends. There’s an interesting read on speed and expectations, an article I wrote on what to expect for 2019, a little bit of doomsday in how social media is impacting memories, and finally, who can resist a little article on the college admissions scandal. Taken together, it’s our job to balance the technology with good old fashioned emotional intelligence. It’s confirmation bias to say this, but humans are still human and the way we make decisions hasn’t changed yet. (although that social media article presents interesting “Inception” like opportunities, maybe. . .someday)

The Tyranny of ‘Sorry for My Delay’

“In the 19th century were more patient than we are now? I think that’s a really hard question to answer. My impulse is no. The idea of waiting and patience is based on the circumstances of the era, on the pace of life established by an era’s technologies. So, if we think something is going to take 10 days to arrive and it takes 20, then our impatience emerges because of the inability for that technology to meet the cultural expectation of the time. Whenever that expectation isn’t met, whatever it is, people get frustrated and impatient and are not willing to stick around or wait.”  Our customers come to us loaded down with the expectations of our age. Calls these days are more urgent than emails, but do our sales teams treat them the same? It may be time to retire the auto attendant for customers and key prospects. Read More

Five Predictions Printers and Marketing Service Providers Can Embrace

“If you’re looking to make a leap forward in 2019, start with a clear vision of the future and your place in it. Technology will continue making our jobs easier, but will also put pressure on us to upgrade our skills.” Everyone loves a good prediction article, and I can say this one is guaranteed to be 40% correct. It’s an article I wrote for Canvas magazine which is geared toward printers and marketing service providers. Read More

Why the College-Admissions Scandal Is So Absurd

“The alleged bribes were certainly cheaper than a building, and much simpler than paying for years of sports training. But the children of wealthy parents unwilling to risk jail time still get thumbs put on the scale for them in elite admissions offices every day.” I still remember Zig Ziglar teaching the “reverse close” or “takeaway close.” Human beings have always wanted what we can’t have, and chase things that run away from us. What exclusivity are you building into your product? I mean, we’re not for everyone. Read More

Social Media Is Ruining Our Memories

“You’re stepping back from the present moment, and that’s what’s causing that disengagement. You’ve literally put a screen between yourself and the event that you’re trying to record. And it seems like it would take a little bit of time to recover from that attentional disengagement, to get back in the mode of ‘OK, I’m living in the present experience. I’m being present,’’ Soares elaborated.” We’ve talked about it takeing 10 impressions of a message before a prospect recognizes it, with social media impacting memories, is it possible that we have to plan on 30 or more social media impressions to equal 10 non-social? Read More

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