Toilets, Pomegranate, and Hangover Days – Sales Lead Digest

The last digest of the year has a few random product/market fit examples, one is the office toilet and one a pomegranate pitter. We add another chapter to the world of mattresses, where we learn about luxury mattress thieves. And finally, we talk about recruiting new talent with unique benefits.

LeadGen Compass wishes you a Happy New Year! We hope 2020 meets and exceeds your high expectations! 

Rainbow Poo Emoji

The corporate poo patrol is coming after your precious toilet time

“We all appreciate the little things in life, and that includes spending five minutes on the toilet scrawling through Twitter on company time. But those days may be at risk with the StandardToilet, a seat that claims to drastically reduce toilet time.”

Optimization finds its way into your company bathroom! We’ve been preaching “find a problem, offer a solution” in these newsletters since, well, always! This sounds like one of those examples. “Jim spends too much time in the restroom. Fix that and you have my business!” I guess we’ll find out if it’s worth the cost of switching out all the toilets in the building but until then, we assume sneaking into the loo for a quick cry is still acceptable. READ MORE

Luxury Hotel Bed

People are stealing mattresses from luxury hotels

“At least 48 mattresses have disappeared from guest rooms in the more than 1,100 four- and five-star European hotels surveyed by German review site Wellness Heaven. Guests at five-star hotels were 8% more likely to take mattresses, perhaps because they were more comfy, according to the survey.”

Last issue we shared an article about the unforeseen problems from the online mattress guarantee solution. It touched on how far people will go for a cheap sleep, but how far will people go for a great sleep? If they’re stealing it, maybe there’s a market? We stayed at a fancy hotel in Paris once and my wife became obsessed with the bathtub. I’m not sure I would have stolen it for her, but if they had a catalog I’d consider ordering it.

pomegranatePomegranate Aril Removal Tool

“A tool for pitting pomegranates quick, clean and easy, designed especially for home use.
Within less than 2 minutes, you will pit one full pomegranate.”
Continuing on the theme of finding a problem then solving it is the pomegranate pitting tool. The VIDEO is amazing…
 It would be even better if I liked pomegranate more. READ MORE

Girl With A Hangover ‘My boss lets us book hangover days’

“Ellie is 19 and works as a PR manager for a digital marketing agency. Like a growing number of employers, her boss offers flexible working arrangements, including flexible hours and unlimited holiday.

It also lets employees take ‘hangover days’ where they work from the comfort of their own sofa – or even bed.”
We may be reaching peak employment here in the USA and it’s going to be a fight to attract talent. The rebranding of PTO may be what wins the battle!