This week we talk about fitting into gaps big companies leave behind, we hear a story about the most dangerously competitive market in North America, and we end with a couple of tools/tutorials. One is a treatise on how to do ads on Facebook, the other is a tool to navigate the rapidly expanding world of marketing tools. Yes, we’re to the point we need tools for our tools. Enjoy!

This week we’re all about the Alphabet, baby. Their main revenue driver is still Google Ads and this week we have a lot of stories about them. It’s no secret that we at LeadGen Compass use Google’s products for lead generation every day. Most of our customers use their products and there is no easier set of tools for testing ideas. This week we’ll learn about Google’s changing search results page, Google’s upcoming Chrome browser changes, hear from Google Ads’ product chief, and end with a memorial to one of our favorite big thinkers, Clayton Christensen.

This week we were bombarded with articles telling us what we should be doing for 2020, what we should have done in the 2010s, and a lot of TikTok stories. The whole thing made us hungry and the new billionaires from Uber going public took notice. This week we’re talking ghost kitchens for food delivery, we’re thinking about exactly when you need to drop your brand and start again, we’re thinking about data silos, and finally we’re wondering if a rogue gamer is giving us a peek into the future of screens.