Fear the Click Farm

This week’s articles range from an interview with a restaurant critic, a peek inside of click farms, a call from Silicon Valley that says your data isn’t worth anything so why worry, and a crazy advertising idea, billboards in space. Please enjoy the latest news brought to you by LeadGen Compass!

Why the College-Admissions Scandal Is So Absurd

This week in the Sales Lead Digest, we step away from privacy but stick to technology trends. There’s an interesting read on speed and expectations, an article I wrote on what to expect for 2019, a little bit of doomsday in how social media is impacting memories, and finally, who can resist a little article on the college admissions scandal.

Developing Markets are Everywhere - The Sales Lead Digest

This week we’re thinking about markets. New markets, niche markets for existing services and getting close to customers. We get a quick language hint from the Harvard Business Review, hear about how hospitals are finding donors in their hospital beds, the hidden market for parking ticket professionals in NYC, and a YouTuber bringing a city of one million to a standstill.